Exploring the truth on 'coming out' in the modern world.

and how links to Mental Health issues are harming our and our children's generation.

Hiding in the darkest corner of your shared bedroom, you briskly conceal the remnants of the make-up kit you stole from your older sisters’ bedroom.

You run to the bathroom to scrub your broken face, in the pursuit of not being discovered.

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and delicately caress the softness of the shiny pink lip gloss you lovingly applied.

Why can’t I wear make-up, you think to yourself.

Why can my sister wear the things I like, but they insist I play Rugby at the weekend.

I hate rugby.

It’s cold, wet and muddy.

And the boys there are mean to me.

Why can’t I just be normal.

Fast forward 3 Years.

The boys at school make fun out of me.

It’s not my fault that I prefer spending my time with the girls.

They are less mean, and they like the same things as me.

They understand me, and I them.

They’re not my ‘girlfriends’. At least I don’t think of them in that way.

Fast forward 4years

I have a girlfriend.

I am normal.

I prefer it this way.

My friends have stopped talking about me now, for which I’m thankful.