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Phoenix Plus

“To Rise from the Ashes”

Bringing together our vision and drive to promote positive mental health change and to encourage positive outcomes for young people at risk of offending or criminal exploitation .exploitation. HSO and Transitions UK have partnered to create Phoenix Plus: a truly bespoke programme to support young people from Year 6 through to Year 8- 11-year-olds.

The partnership of HSO and Transitions UK collaboratively supports pupils of young people from 5 to 25 years old, providing a truly bespoke programme and a package of support bettering the outcomes of children and young people.  HSO and Transitions UK will work together to identify pupils who would most benefit from additional and targeted support.

Working closely across both home and school environments together with external professionals, Phoenix Plus will provide young people with early intervention and support for significant and emerging behavioural and conduct needs.  With a clear focus on safeguarding vulnerable young people from the risk of serious organised crime in terms including both County Lines and Online; we will empower the young people we support to develop a good sense of safe and unsafe behaviour choices in a collaborative and accessible way.  By raising awareness of the vulnerability our young people have and encounter, we strive to positively impact crime reduction in the areas we support whilst also reducing reoffending. 


Phoenix Plus guarantees to offer respectful, inclusive, supportive and collaborative communication, with an emphasis on safeguarding every individual to better the outcomes for all young people.




Providing 1:1 and small group person-centred and tailored support sessions, phase 1 of Phoenix Plus works to enable individuals to identify and develop their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. Aiming to equip the young people we support with the ability to explore different strategies collaboratively we also focus on encouraging and empowering them to make safe behaviour choices. Primarily delivered by HSO, phase 1 of Phoenix Plus will collaborate with phase 2 and Transitions UK to identify the young people who would benefit from ongoing and targeted additional support. Around 20% of Phase 1 beneficiaries will then receive more intensive mentoring support within Phase 2.




Providing a unique transition support service, phase 2 of Phoenix Plus pairs young people with committed, dedicated and inspirational mentors to resume and consolidate person-centred support beyond the school environment. With an emphasis on relationships, personal development and interpersonal skills, each mentor support comprises of up to 4 hours of contact and interaction per week, usually delivered by 2 mentors, supported by the project coordinator. Primarily delivered by Transitions UK, phase 2 of Phoenix Plus will provide ongoing and targeted support for the young people who have been identified as those who would benefit from ongoing and targeted additional support following phase 1 and recommendations from HSO. Monthly planning sessions and termly development reviews encourage personal development and achievement.

What we provide:


A bespoke 2-year partnership support programme tailored to the individual needs of young people, ensuring there is an emphasis on promoting positive mental health change and positive behaviours and outcomes.


  • 1:1 and small group person-centred and tailored sessions

  • 1:1 mentoring

  • Personal life and development planning.

  • Fully trained and Enhanced DBS Checked Behaviour Consultants and Mentors

  • Monitored progress and impact assessment information throughout the programme

  • Informative weekly reports detailing the content and focus for future sessions.

  • Positive interactions with Parents/Carers and Schools.

  • A blend of face to face and virtual delivery and resources, tailored to individual needs

  • PoisitivePositive role models and social mapping to support positive choices

  • App and portal based personal dashboards to support progression and achievement.

  • Ongoing support for families and school staff for challenging behaviours.  Ensuring they feel empowered and confident to encourage the young people to make safer and more positive behaviour choices.

  • A safe space to talk and be heard.


Targeted outcomes

  • Reduced anxiety, loneliness and depression

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and resilience

  • Reduced anti-social behaviour

  • Reduced involvement with gangs, county lines and violent crime

  • Safer communities

  • Improved educational attainment and personal ambition

  • Stronger family relationships and family respite

  • Healthier and more optimistic young people able to realise the true potential

  • Young people able to contribute positively to the lives of those they touch.