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We are a charity that supports vulnerable children and young people across the UK.

We help to make a difference to the Mental Health and Life Choices for all children in need.

Who Are We?

We are a support service to promote and enhance positive mental health change for children and young people. across the UK. 


At HSO, children and young people are more than the difficulties or challenges they experience, they are individuals to be valued, nurtured, and encouraged to be the very best of who they are, and for some, this comes with support and guidance. 

We are a CIC, working alongside our Community to guide and empower Children and Young People. 

We run 5 programs within our service, to benefit all children and young people from all walks of life. 

Our Projects

HSO is proud to be delivering five programs across the UK focusing on; Self Esteem and Resilience (Legacy), Mental Health (Phoenix), Mental Health Online Hub (OhanaMind) Criminal Exploitation, Criminal Justice and County Lines (SHEILD), and Those at risk of becoming homeless (Hygge).

For further details, please see below; 



“A team that will be remembered”

Our football programme that runs in the School holidays focusing on Resilience and Self-Empowerment.

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“To Rise from the Ashes”

Our Mental Health programme that focuses on positive mental health growth.

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“A community build on mindfulness”

Our online members hub.

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“To Protect Those Most Vulnerable

 Our programme focusing on criminal exploitation/ county lines and generational crime. 

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“To Protect Those Most Vulnerable

Bringing together Inter-Faith congregations to identify and protect those most vulnerable.


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What we do...

makes a difference...


My child is so much less anxious

“When we had our first consultation with Michaela, our child was top level anxious. Over a course of 6 weeks – he was able to recongnise thought patterns and understand that he could control his ‘BIG’ emotions. We are indebted to you and your team.”

Sarah and Family 

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Early Intervention works! 

“I was suffering from low mood and experienced times of anxiety that would cripple me during day-to-day activities. After a consultation with HSO, I was offered a 1:1 sessions at the place of my choosing – and I haven’t looked back! My confidence is back and finally I’m enjoying life again.

Thank you HSO. 



Thank you!


 Just wanted to say huge thanks for organising the HSO programme. It has been amazing how in just a few sessions she has opened up to Jade and chatted freely with her about her worries and what makes her stressed. It has felt like she has really personalised the sessions and also incorporated elements we have talked about as strategies we currently use to further embed those for her.

We are so grateful for her to have these sessions. Please pass on this our thanks to Jade and Michaela and let them know that we feel they are having a positive impact already on her wellbeing."



How many sessions can we have and are they funded? 

  • Starting with a minimum of 6 sessions, funded support sessions are regularly reviewed. 

  • There is an option to extend the number of sessions, following review between HSO and School Staff/ Guardians.

How do get support in place? 

  • Complete and return a signed referral form to admin@homesschoolsoutreach. org.uk. 

  • Please include as much information as possible about the referral. 

  • Upon receipt of the referral, an initial meeting will be arranged to discuss the needs of the referral in greater depth. 

  • From here, the referral will be allocated to a member of our team. 

How many pupils can be supported? 

  • We offer 1:1, small group (up to 8 pupils from the same year group) and whole class outreach. 

  • Starting with a minimum of 6 sessions, we can support between 5-40 children per week. 

How can my schools/ family be supported? 

  • Half termly behaviour surgeries with experienced staff alongside external services. 

  • Regular contact with the HSO team. 

  • Weekly session reports are shared in accordance with GDPR with school staff / guardians each week. 

  • School staff/ guardians are provided with strategies and advice after each session. 


Our Partners

HSO (UK) CIC is a not-for-profit organisation which means every penny raised is spent on delivering our charitable work. We rely on the support of our members, donors, funders and corporate partners to sponsor and enable our team to deliver Mental Health support and Early Intervention to Children and Young People across the UK. 

Today, we are proud to be in partnership and working with the following organizations: